License-Free Access

Empower organization users to raise and track requests without requiring a paid license. The Requestor profile grants access to monitor request status and invite external stakeholders involved in the workflow.

Complete accountability

Ensure accountability by determining who's responsible for each stage. Whether individuals, roles, or teams, everyone will know exactly what they need to do.

Smart assignment

Decide who should be working on what card. Qntrl supports automatic assignment and manual pick-up, based on both built-in hierarchies and user fields. Dynamic assignment, including round-robin are also supported through APIs.

Advance assignment rules

Hide the request from the rest of the team once someone picks it up, and ensure that the request remains assigned to the same person throughout its life cycle.

Real-time process checks

Capture all the data you need during the process, when you need it. For example, when rejecting a proposal, the user will need to specify the reason. When submitting a document for approval, the user will need to attach the file.

Organization-wide business rules

Business rules allow you to define rules that are applied across multiple orchestrations. Say you’re working on a travel request, and you want to be notified if the dates suddenly change—or every time a high priority expense request is submitted, you want it automatically assigned to the Finance team manager. Business rules allow you to set conditions that apply to all requests, or just specific ones, to influence the behavior of your processes, and ensure compliance.

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