Use APIs to push and pull data from other systems, or from Qntrl itself. You can also trigger workflows in Qntrl based on events in another system, using APIs.


Webhooks help you send notifications to third-party apps, so you can communicate better. You can create triggers to send information from Qntrl to another app—so if you want to do something like notify a team via SMS when a task is completed, all you have to do is set up a webhook.

Custom functions

Use simple scripting to take Qntrl’s functionality even further. Automate notifications to third-party apps, call webhooks, and perform any logic with custom functions. Creating new functions is much easier with custom functions, whether you’re using our built-in custom functions or creating your own.


Access information in other apps, without having to open them, by building extensions that are embedded at different locations or stages in a process. If it’s onboarding, you can have a checklist extension at the paperwork verification stage. If it’s a document review process, you can create an extension to attach files from Dropbox or Google Drive. Extensions ensure your processes are smooth and user-friendly.


Qntrl offers a number of integrations to help expand the capabilities of your workflow management platform.

Advanced customization in the browser

Client scripts allow you to configure forms, form fields, and field values while the user is interacting with a form. For example, if you need to verify that a new purchase order is within the remaining budget in your ERP or accounting system, you can accomplish that with client scripts.

Advanced customization in the backend

Server scripts help you implement your complex business logic to manipulate, assign, and prioritize data, and store and retrieve information from other databases. For example, deadlines can be auto-estimated based on the start date, type of work, and other parameters. Or product details can be fetched and displayed based on the SKU number entered by the user.

Connect on-premise and intranet applications

Design Orchestrations that run on your local network or in the cloud, while sensitive data remains behind your firewall. Facilitate communication and the movement of data between Qntrl and your behind-the-firewall applications, data sources, and services like SAP, AD, Shell Script, Oracle or other systems.

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