Easily create forms

Customize your forms to collect important process data. Add sections and fields, edit and reorder default fields, or create new ones, like text, numeric, or dropdown, to make it easier to capture all your relevant data.

Digitize your offline processes

Break down your process into detailed stages, however simple or complex they are. Just drag and drop to create them in our intuitive process builder, and test them with the process validation feature.

Multitasking made easy

You can set up transitions that need to be executed concurrently with our parallel transitions feature. For example, onboarding employees, background verification, setting up accounts, and providing equipment are all done by several teams, at the same time. Setting these up in parallel ensures that they can all be done simultaneously. The work will flow to the next stage only when all the transitions are complete.

Simplified process design

Reflecting the reality of your process is easier than ever. Shared transitions and states keep your process design simple, while still retaining the details of what happens day-to-day. For example, on a travel request orchestration, there might be several points in the process at which the request might be rejected. With a common transition and state, you can connect all of these points to a single point, while still knowing from what step the request was rejected/approved.

Powerful process logic

Sometimes your process can move in different directions, and which path it takes will depend on certain conditions. Purchase orders might need Finance’s approval if it’s above a certain amount, while the procurement team handles everyday requests. You can automate this kind of conditional processing when building your workflows.

Store reference data in tables

Use tables and records to manage data and processes, such as vendor databases, billing codes,or inventory information. Customize tables to fit your needs, and validate the entries with ease.

Make forms public

Let anyone outside your organization submit a request via public forms. Ask for any information you need, validate responses, secure submissions, customize the look and feel, and more. All responses will automatically be logged as cards in Qntrl, kick-starting the respective orchestrations. Learn more

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