As we step into the new year, it's the perfect moment to look back at the incredible journey we experienced at Qntrl in 2023. Join us in reflecting on the significant product updates and enhancements that played a pivotal role in shaping our platform throughout the past year. In this review, we'll delve into the standout features and improvements.


1. White Label Basic

Organizations can better tailor their Qntrl experience with the White Label Basic feature. Available upon request, this functionality empowers organizations to modify the platform's URL, refresh logos, and personalize the interface in alignment with their preferences. To know more about how White Labeling works, click here

2. New internal integration flow

This is a new internal integration framework supporting both the ServiceOrg and AppAccount models of Zoho services. This framework streamlines OAuth access token generation, service endpoints, and request timeout configurations, providing a seamless integration experience. Learn more about how to develop integrations between Qntrl and other applications here

3. Advanced file management capabilities in Bridge and Circuit

With the advanced file management capabilities in Bridge and Circuit, users can now execute tasks such as copying, moving, and performing recursive operations on files effortlessly. This enhancement streamlines file organization and elevates overall workflow efficiency to new heights. To know more about file management in Bridge & Circuit, click here

4. Custom view improvement: Enhanced flexibility in layouts 

This is a significant upgrade, incorporating three new columns (Closed On, Update On, Blueprint) to provide users with a more intuitive and customizable layout. All cards now support two additional columns (Closed On, Update On), enhancing functionality and user experience. 

5. Circuit email template advancements 

Circuit email templates now support custom parameters, allowing users to receive system messages as part of their email notifications. This empowers users with more personalized and informative communication. 

6. Server script zip and unzip functionality  

Server scripts (CodeX) now boast new functionalities, allowing users to zip and unzip external and internal Qntrl files effortlessly. This addition streamlines file management, offering convenience and efficiency. Read more about how to manage server scripts here

7. API request limit expansion 

Responding to user feedback, we've expanded the limit for records per API request from 100 to a more robust 1,000. This improvement ensures smoother and more efficient data handling for our users.

8. Fine-tuning JavaScript functions 

Users now have more control over JavaScript functions, with the ability to adjust their behavior, resource usage, and logging information. This customization feature ensures functions align perfectly with user needs.

9. Scheduler upgrade 

Now users have enhanced scheduling options with the addition of Time Slot features. It gives users more flexibility in creating custom schedules tailored to their needs.

10. NTLM and basic credential support in Bridge 

Enhancing security options, Qntrl Bridge now supports NTLM and basic credentials, providing users with secure authentication methods based on their preferences. This further strengthens our commitment to ensuring our users’ security and privacy.


Wrapping up 

These updates are a testament to our commitment to innovation, user experience, and security. We look forward to another year of growth, collaboration, and even more exciting developments at Qntrl. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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