Churn Management Workflow

Customer churn is an unfortunate phenomenon most successful product owners and managers aim to avoid. Procuring new customers, though rewarding in the short term, is an effort that costs seven times more than customer retention.  Retention can be a long, intimidating process requiring special attention to every aspect of the product or service. But with the upsurge of workflow management and automation tools, the narrative around retention is changing. Now churn can be predicted and prevented with a well-planned and well-executed workflow that enhances the customer experience holistically.

How can a visual workflow help prevent Churn? 

Creating a successful customer journey can be challenging, often involving multiple teams, constant follow-ups, various queries over multiple platforms, periodic survey campaigns, and more. Timely service is rarely the outcome. This chaos compels customers to flee from one brand to another, which you may be able to preclude with a fully automated workflow orchestration software like Qntrl. Here are a few ways to prevent customer churn.


Gather vital data for customer analysis
Data is the key to understanding your customers in a way that prevents churn. Customizable forms help you gather essential details about your customers including their subscription information, sales contact, issues they've raised, special requests they've made, and much more. In the long run, the data derived from Qntrl reports help you identify recordable patterns that your organization can use to enhance the customer experience.

Use feedback to segment and target your audience
Customers are diverse and so are their needs. Our survey-based template can help you classify customers based on their feedback. Identify promoters, passive users, and detractors with Qntrl's NPS survey so you can take effective action. Once you know your users, you can target your marketing strategies to have maximum impact.

Allocate resources efficiently  
Once you've gained a data-based understanding of your customers, you need to mobilize the right retention resources. With workflow orchestration, the process of assigning a team, transferring jobs, and resolving issues are sequential and structured. When a customer grievance is received, the issue can be transferred to the appropriate team such as finance, customer support, or onboarding. Intuitive blueprints make triggering another process within a process effortless.


Establish proactive measures
Churn is predictable when a systematic approach is established. Qntrl lets you keep track of every step your organization takes to mitigate churn with real-time visibility and implement effective communication across multiple mediums. A visual, low code workflow helps you identify and record pivotal patterns in the customer journey so you can facilitate churn-fighting strategies, such as immediate responses to requested support.

Is automation the answer?

 Yes! Automation has many benefits that speed up customer support and increase retention. Here's how automation fights churn: 

  • Streamlines the process of identifying and allocating necessary resources
  • Provides access to contextual information across platforms
  • Prevents human error for more efficient business processes
  • Reduces operating costs caused by churn
  • Helps you focus more on adding value to your product or service
  • Encourages efficiency of tasks within teams with frequent reminders
  • Speeds up the process of receiving approvals

Why do managers choose Qntrl? 

Qntrl keeps managers informed of company processes and the resources involved. From there, they can establish a methodical approach to customer retention with minimal effort. Decision-making and approvals remain uncomplicated, even for urgent tasks involving multiple teams. When every move can be tracked and analyzed, it's easier to identify roadblocks to providing effective customer support. Through it all, managers maintain a bird's eye view over the progress of the customer journey with sophisticated reporting.

Find a template that suits your business needs here and use Qntrl to manage churn in the most effective way possible.

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