Why Qntrl for your IT asset management?

  • Visibility

    Streamline asset request management, and view all requests from every user in one place. Monitor whether assets are allocated based on urgency or priority.

  • Control

    Ensure that high-value assets are given only after necessary approvals are received. Make sure that all company assets are always accounted for.

  • Automation

    Automate actions, such as asset request creation whenever an employee is newly onboarded, or device allocation based on priority and inventory availability.

Benefits of using Qntrl

Effortless maintenance

Knowing the history of every user and their assets helps in auto-scheduling maintenance and performance checks.

Cost reduction

By tracking every asset allocation within the company, you can ensure that no asset goes missing and eliminate unnecessary purchases and IT costs.

Time saver

Empower your IT team to spend less time gathering user requirements or taking stock of assets, and focus more on closing requests sooner.

A sample asset request process in 4 simple steps

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

User initiates asset request

Auto-approve requests for low-value assets, such as headphones and keyboards. Send requests to managers for approvals of expensive items, like laptops.

For manual approvals

The manager is notified and either rejects, holds, or approves the request.

Request is routed

The request is then assigned to the licensing team or the device management team based on the request type.

Asset handover is complete

The team then receives the request, takes stock of the inventory, and provides the required asset. Once the asset is given, the request is closed.

Qntrl is flexible enough to be customized to our needs. For example:

  • Automate asset request and return initiation whenever a user is onboarded or offboarded.
  • Bypass multiple approvals and route high priority requests directly to the IT or department head.
  • Trigger access prevention for offboarded employees as soon as asset handovers are complete.
  • Prevent unauthorized application installation by implementing a strict approval process for software installations.
  • Analyze asset request reports, and anticipate requests based on trends.
  • Integrate with your accounting software and make entries after purchasing or repairing assets.
  • Whenever a returned asset needs to be discarded, automatically initiate a purchase request for a new one.

Every organization has a unique asset request process

Depending on how your organization handles asset requests, choose a process from below that resembles yours, or go ahead and design your own blueprint.

You're already in charge, now get Qntrl.

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