We all know sourcing leads is a hard nut to crack, but creating assets, running campaigns, and nurturing leads can be equally difficult and time-consuming. If you think about it, what we do to bring leads into the marketing funnel is the same process repeated with every campaign. Every time we carry out the same process manually we waste time and labor, and invite complications. Agreed?

Now that we've established that traditional methods sometimes don't give the best outcomes, we're motivated to look for faster, better, and more systematic ways of managing leads. This is when automation workflows come into the picture. Workflow orchestration software like Qntrl helps you build a process and automate it effortlessly—which ultimately saves on time and labor.

In this blog, we'll give you 6 reasons to choose workflow automation to manage your lead generation process.

Reduce costs 
Deloitte estimates workflow automation can save up to 30% on basic business process expenditures. This takes into consideration both staff and time savings, as well as increased accuracy. Moreover, with a well-structured process and role-based access, managers gain complete visibility and control into every process that involves leads. It's safe to say that when you shift your focus from mundane tasks, you invest in better strategies to generate and nurture your leads.

Build lead generation assets systematically 
Content is king! We all know the success of a lead generation campaign depends on two things—your product itself and your content. For any content, be it a simple email or blog, or creatives for your media ads, you need a proper system in place to get the work done. Workflow orchestration software plays a key role in establishing a sequential flow that can automatically assign, transfer, and push content for approvals. So now you don't have to wait for the assets until the last day before taking it to live, you can easily rework content and get it approved.

Optimize customer touchpoints 
It's not just for creating assets; with workflow orchestration software you can systematically reach out to your leads. Customer touch points are painted chronologically and repeated with every set of leads, but friction in the process poses the risk of losing prospects. Generally, companies make sure assets and reminders are sent to prospects promptly, but sometimes, with multiple people involved, chaos can override the process. Workflow automation software helps you design and create a visual structure, where every task can only go through predetermined stages—ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Streamline contextual information 
We all know marketing plans can't succeed without quantitative and qualitative data. You can align your marketing and sales goals by holding on to key lead data with workflow orchestration software. End-to-end workflow orchestration offers a number of integrations to help expand the capabilities of your workflow management platform. You can effortlessly integrate third-party applications like your CRM to keep track of all communications between leads and teams.

Improve your operation KPIs  
Process-specific reports and dashboards allow appropriate interventions to drive metrics toward your marketing goals. These KPIs demonstrate marketing's impact on lead generation and show you how to improve your efforts. Workflow orchestration software lets you measure the average time taken for a process, average time per stage, number of tasks accepted/rejected or sent for rework, the volume of tasks per staff, and more.

With Qntrl, you can use ready-made reports, or create your own process-specific reports, for all your lead generation campaigns by grouping and filtering data. It's easy to set up reports to assess which part of your lead generation campaign absorbed more time and where the tasks are stalling. You can also monitor the efficiency and productivity of your team, and do much more, with process-specific reports.

Standardize your processes  
With growing social media and web platforms, it's essential to have a tool that can help you build assets and publish them systematically, with step-by-step processes. Automation helps you implement campaigns and strategies with visual process design that enables speed and efficiency. The very nature of workflow orchestration software is built to serve a large number of stakeholders, allowing multiple users and implementing change immediately. You can speed up the process of identifying, qualifying, and nurturing leads with automation and chronological processes, and standardize all your processes to revamp your work culture.

Running campaigns, attracting prospects, bringing them into the funnel, and nurturing them is a laborious process—and a disorganized approach to lead generation can be risky. Make your search for prospects smoother by systematizing and automating the entire process with workflows. Check out Qntrl's lead generation templates and pick what suits your business best.


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