• Automate advanced processes and save time

    Say goodbye to manual and repetitive processes! With Qntrl, users are guided through workflow steps automatically and according to their business requirements.

  • Increase process visibility for better communication

    Unify and manage processes in one place. Gain visibility into your workflows, including all related documents and approvals. Reduce the volume of emails and meetings with automation.

  • Integrate processes across departments

    Easily unify systems for smooth data exchange and close tracking. Stay confident that your data is secure and your operation is ready to support your company's growth.

What process do you need to automate?

Start with templates and the support of our experts. Then tailor them to fit your specific process requirements and optimize your workflows.

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  • IT
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Integrate IT processes, like employee onboarding and ticket management, bringing everything into a unified ecosystem.

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  • Centralize all your procurement processes, from purchasing to approvals. Ensure efficient workflows, even with external stakeholders.

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  • Automate processes such as budget approval, travel reimbursement, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

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  • Save time on repetitive tasks while increasing employee satisfaction, from recruitment and people management to offboarding.

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Take a look at Qntrl

Uniquely designed to integrate processes and enhance visibility and tracking between departments

    • Advanced

      • Automate workflow actions seamlessly.
      • Implement dynamic request assignments for optimized task distribution.
      • Utilize business rule automation to reduce manual intervention.
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    • Visible and reliable

      • Enhance reliability with dynamic assignments and real-time notifications.
      • Visualize progress effectively using Kanban view and comprehensive dashboards.
      • Implement business rules to ensure consistency and accuracy in processes.
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    • End-to-end

      • Connect on-premise and cloud systems. Automate notifications, call webhooks, and perform logic with custom functions.
      • Use APIs to push and pull data from other systems.
      • Leverage native integration with popular tools to boost productivity and collaboration.
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    • Data

      • Implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive data.
      • Ensure confidentiality across all integrated systems and processes.
      • Employ encryption, access controls, and data masking techniques for comprehensive data protection.
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    • External
      users collaboration

      • Experience cost-effective licensing for accessibility.
      • Use customizable management for tailored use cases.
      • Enable enhanced external collaboration for seamless interaction.
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    There is only so much we can fit here

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    60 % Reduced labour hours across departments

    90 % Decrease in coordination efforts


    *Growth metrics reported by Qntrl customers.


    What our customers have to say

    • We had to make sure we selected software that could help us roll out complex processes quickly, but was easy for our teams to use, with little to no onboarding assistance required. After selecting Qntrl as our process automation tool, we built our first process in a few hours, without the help of our IT division. We were amazed by how customizable and flexible the tool is.

      Tommaso Gabellini,


      Administrative Supervisor


    • We looked at several alternatives to Qntrl, but found that Qntrl was best suited to our requirement of needing to automate a detailed process while carrying a large amount of data from one step to the other.

      Peter Mahon-Dali,




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