Why Qntrl for your hiring process?

  • Visibility

    Fully transparent and credible hiring process right from the first step

  • Control

    Complete control over all necessary processes, and comprehensive monitoring to ensure accuracy

  • Automation

    Streamlined processes ensure you spend less time coordinating information, so you can focus on identifying the best candidates

Benefits of using Qntrl

Time savings

Adhere to strict schedules without wasting time chasing down feedback.

Easy Tracking

Manage all candidate-related information from one place. Easily monitor every stage of the hiring process.

Effortless maintenance

Send automated email alerts to empower hiring managers. Accelerate productivity by eliminating manual processes and paper forms. Keep your candidates, as well as your team, up-to-date on the process.

Sample hiring process orchestration in simple steps

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Request submission by managers

Managers send hiring requests for their respective departments/teams. They also have access to modify their requests later.

Resume screening

HR sends the shortlisted resumes to the managers, which the managers can either approve or reject.

Scheduling interviews

Upon successful resume screening and approval, interviews can be scheduled automatically, and email templates can be used to invite candidates.

Interview process

After the interview process is complete, managers have the option to either select or reject the candidate. Everything happens with just a click.

Decision is made

If the manager decides to select the candidate, an offer letter is generated automatically and sent as an email to the candidate. If not, then a rejection notification is sent. The content of the email can be completely customized.

Qntrl is flexible

  • Find which department makes the most hiring requests, which stage of the process consumes the most time, which team takes the longest to make hiring decisions, and more, with our easy-to-use report builder
  • Send automatic email notifications and alerts to keep all stakeholders in the process updated
  • Push all the candidate’s background verification documents automatically to your Dropbox account, once the candidate is marked as selected
  • Automate candidate rejections, in case a response isn’t received within a desired time frame
  • Track candidate progress at any time, and autoschedule interviews

Hiring processes aren’t all the same

— Choose the ones that suit your organization best —

You're already in charge, now get Qntrl.

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