Why Qntrl for your hiring process?


Fully transparent and credible hiring process right from the first step


Complete control over all necessary processes, and comprehensive monitoring to ensure accuracy


Streamlined processes ensure you spend less time coordinating information, so you can focus on identifying the best candidates

Time saving

Adhere to strict schedules without wasting time chasing down feedback

Easy Tracking

Manage all candidate-related information from one place. Easily monitor every stage of the hiring process

Effortless maintenance

Send automated email alerts to empower hiring managers. Accelerate productivity by eliminating manual processes and paper forms. Keep your candidates, as well as your team, up-to-date on the process

Sample hiring process orchestration in simple steps

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Request submission by managers

Managers send hiring requests for their respective departments/teams. They also have access to modify their requests later.

Resume screening

HR sends the shortlisted resumes to the managers, which the managers can either approve or reject.

Scheduling interviews

Upon successful resume screening and approval, interviews can be scheduled automatically, and email templates can be used to invite candidates.

Interview process

After the interview process is complete, managers have the option to either select or reject the candidate. Everything happens with just a click.

Decision is made

If the manager decides to select the candidate, an offer letter is generated automatically and sent as an email to the candidate. If not, then a rejection notification is sent. The content of the email can be completely customized.

Qntrl is flexible

  • Find which department makes the most hiring requests, which stage of the process consumes the most time, which team takes the longest to make hiring decisions, and more, with our easy-to-use report builder
  • Send automatic email notifications and alerts to keep all stakeholders in the process updated
  • Push all the candidate’s background verification documents automatically to your Dropbox account, once the candidate is marked as selected
  • Automate candidate rejections, in case a response isn’t received within a desired time frame
  • Track candidate progress at any time, and auto-schedule interviews

Hiring processes aren’t all the same

— Choose the ones that best suits your organization —

Take a look at Qntrl

Qntrl is the world's #1 Workflow Orchestration Software. See why.

  • Centralization & Visibility
  • Process Compliance
  • Workflow-Centric Collaboration
  • Process Automation
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Extensibility
  • Enterprise Security
  • Centralization & Visibility

    Centralized requests, Unparalleled visibility

    Manage all tactical employee lifecycle processes- be it hiring, leave requests, or performance reviews- in one place, with easy access and trackability. Capture specific information, route it to the right staff, and provide timely follow-up to all stakeholders.

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  • Process Compliance

    Ensure execution standards

    Create organization-specific rules and define your business logic for earnings, deductions, leaves, attendance, bonus and arrears. Effectively address policy, statutory and regulatory requirements as and when they change.

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  • Workflow-Centric Collaboration

    Collaboration: when you need it, where you need it

    Access unified, relevant information throughout a process- school and college transcripts during employee background verification, manager review notes during performance appraisal, and such. Get things done faster by notifying all stakeholders through any chat application.

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  • Process Automation

    Make repetitive manual work a thing of the past

    Automate approvals and reviews, and notify candidates of their application status. Send generic requests to shared service center, and specific requests to specialists. Qntrl also provides many ways to automate your process, including automated workflow steps and PDF generation.

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  • Reports and Dashboards

    Improve Operational KPIs

    Analyse time to fill open requisitions, average absenteeism rate, application drop out rate, and other metrics to gain necessary insights to design effective strategies. You can use the report builder to generate your own reports. Plus, Automatic SLA reminders help you stay on track.

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  • Process Mapping

    Orchestrate, Visually

    Build flexible and scalable business processes- employee status change, applicant hiring and screening, employee training and development, and such- tailored to meet your requirements. Our workflow designer also includes advanced features like parallel transitions and common states.

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  • Process Extensibility

    Make Qntrl even more powerful

    Connect Qntrl with your existing HRIS and collaboration platforms- Oracle Peoplesoft, Workday, Microsoft Teams, and more- for seamless data flow. APIs, Client and Server Scripts are some of the options that will help you finish tailoring Qntrl to your own needs.

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  • Enterprise Security

    Designed for Enterprise

    Get all the advantages of a cloud-based platform with the security you’d expect from an on-premises system. Field access privileges, data encryption, and role-based access controls keep your sensitive information safe. Audit capabilities help you figure out who-did-what-when.

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