Why Qntrl for your onboarding process?

  • Visibility

    Increased visibility paves the way to centralized information management, leading to a more efficient onboarding process. Manage all required information, documentation, and communications digitally.

  • Control

    Every step is under your control—tracking documents, equipment purchases, updating databases, and more.

  • Automation

    Automate alerts and deadlines are provided as you need them. Create mandatory actions and automate third-party tool updates.

Benefits of using Qntrl

Time-saving, error-free onboarding

Eliminate error-prone paperwork while capturing employee documents. Automation prevents mistakes and enables anytime access.

Easy Tracking

Manage all employee-related information from one place. Filter work items to onboard employees with the earliest joining date, lateral entries, or any other criteria you may need.

Hassle-free communication

Send automated notifications to relevant teams when tasks are assigned, and set automatic reminders in case anything is overdue.

Sample onboarding process orchestration in a few simple steps

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Request submitted by HR managers

HR managers send requests for onboarding new hires on their respective departments/teams.

Documents for verification

Upon HR’s request for documentation, an automated email is sent to the new hire asking for documents for the background verification process.

Assets set up

HR managers then approve the BGV process and set up the employee workstation and assets. Simultaneously, a bank account is set up and an automatic notification is sent to the employee with the account details.

Orientation process

After the assets and bank are set up, HR managers begin the orientation to discuss company policies.

Reporting manager

HR triggers an automatic email to the reporting manager of the new employee to discuss the job role and responsibilities. Later, a team member is assigned as their mentor

Qntrl is flexible

  • Set up multiple onboarding processes easily, depending on the structure that best suits your department or role.
  • Set up transitions that need to be concurrently executed—like background verification and account setup—using the parallel transition feature.
  • Send Automatic notifications and alerts to teams about anny assigned or pending tasks via email, or chat apps like MS Teams or Slack
  • Acquire information in other apps without opening them, like building a checklist widget at the paperwork verification stage, or a Dropbox widget to store background verification documents.
  • Eliminate errors and data redundancy by integrating with third-party software that you use for, ATS, accounts, or payroll, to create new employee record, sign contracts, and more.
  • Find out the processing time of the card in each stage, or the training program duration, using an easy-to-use report builder.

All onboarding processes are not necessarily the same

— Choose the one that best suits your organization —

You're already in charge, now get Qntrl.

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