Why Qntrl for your IT ticket management?

  • Visibility

    Enjoy complete transparency throughout the whole process. Gain insight into the repetitive issues faced by employees, and all the details and files related to a ticket, in a single place.

  • Control

    Gain full command over the issue, troubleshooting and analyzing it to arrive at the right solution for employees.

  • Automation

    Reduce human intervention by automating time consuming tasks, such as field updates, approvals, SLAs, and notifying employees, as you need them.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Develop a continual development plan—review processes using the report builder and improve service quality over time.

  • Speed

    Easily accommodate tickets as they're made by employees. Keep track of them to resolve common issues in a few minutes, and filter tickets based on type, priority, or criticality.

  • Employee satisfaction

    Improve employee satisfaction by implementing a standardized and streamlined process which helps to resolve any hurdles faced by teams.

Sample IT ticket handling process in a steps

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5

Request submitted by an employee

The employee reports an issue and raises a ticket via email or form. A card gets created automatically in Qntrl, with all the primary details of the issue.

Assigning a technician

Once the card is created, a technician is assigned. The technician is sent an automatic email notification.

Replacing the old hardware

The technician, upon assignment, raises a request with the employee to submit the old hardware. Once received, the hardware is sent to testing and new hardware is provided. This happens concurrently with the help of Qntrl's parallel transition feature.

Testing the hardware

Once the hardware is tested, depending upon its condition, it's either repaired in-house or sent to an authorized service centre.

Closing the ticket

If the hardware is fit for repair, it gets fixed and is later added back to the inventory. If not, it's removed. After either of this happens, the ticket is closed.

Qntrl is flexible 

  • Create various ticket-handling requests easily, depending on the structure that best suits your organization or department.
  • Log all the ticket requests automatically as cards, irrespective of their source, such as email or forms.
  • Assign tickets automatically based on its priority, severity, or type. Save time by resolving essential issues first.
  • Automate SLAs by specifying the conditions under which it's executed, and determine targets. Set up multiple levels of escalations and ensure that work gets done on time.
  • Access and transfer data securely between Qntrl and any other application behind a firewall, with the help of Qntrl Bridge.
  • Send automatic notifications and alerts—like resolution confirmation—to employees via email or chat apps like MS Teams, Slack, or Cliq. Keep your stakeholders up to date with all relevant information.
  • Analyze which issues take a lot of time to get fixed, which issues repeat often, and more, using our built-in reports and dashboards.

Not all IT ticket handling processes are the same

-- Choose the one that best suits your organization --

Take a look at Qntrl

Qntrl is the world's #1 Workflow Orchestration Software. See why.

  • Centralization & Visibility
  • Compliance
  • Workflow-Centric Collaboration
  • Process Automation
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Process Mapping
  • Integration
  • Enterprise Security
  • Centralization & Visibility

    Centralized requests, Unparalleled visibility

    Manage software licenses and hardware assets with automated workflows and lifecycle visibility. Track every step of your workflow, and keep your staff informed of any problems.

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  • Compliance

    Ensure execution standards

    Run maintenance tasks based on standards, escalate situations to meet SLAs, automate configuration processes to maintain compliance while reducing costs, errors, and governance risks.

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  • Workflow-Centric Collaboration

    Collaboration: when you need it, where you need it

    Eliminate information silos with a common platform for all systems, people, and applications. Access unified relevant information about IT tickets, requests, and roadmaps.

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  • Process Automation

    Make repetitive manual work a thing of the past

    Verify approved requests, send deadline alerts, or update tickets. Qntrl provides numerous ways to automate your process, including automated workflow steps.

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  • Reports and Dashboards

    Improve Operational KPIs

    Shorten release cycles, reduce MTTR, and decrease the cost of audit preparations with out-of-the box reports that give you instant access to current, live data. 

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  • Process Mapping

    Orchestrate Your Processes

    Build flexible and scalable IT processes - new software installation, hardware repair requests, troubleshooting requests, and such- tailored to meet the requirements of your business.

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  • Integration

    Make Qntrl even more powerful

    Connect Qntrl with existing IT systems to eliminate manual data entry, scheduling, notification, and so on. Webhooks, Client and Server Scripts help you tailor Qntrl to your needs.

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  • Enterprise Security

    Designed for Enterprise

    Built-in audit trail saves every instance of your process along with files, approvals, and other details. Platform permissions apply consistently across processes, reports, and record-level data.

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