Why Qntrl for your marketing campaign process?


Obtain real-time visibility into all your activities and campaign performances, making it easy to track and fix any problems that come along.


Every step is under your control—activities planned, offers, budgeting, and more.


Automated alerts and deadlines are provided as you need them. Ensure that the right content reaches the right audience at the right time.

Time management

Reduce the need to perform repetitive tasks. Send better-timed, more relevant messages to your target audience.

Improved customer experience

Manage all customer-related information from one place, and send tailored messages focusing on every individual, to emphasize that you value them.

Operational efficiency

Send automated notifications for assigned tasks and provide timely access to information, whenever required. Set automatic reminders in case anything becomes overdue.

Sample marketing campaign process orchestration in a few simple steps

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Request submission by marketer

Marketers send a request to start a new marketing campaign. It can be any campaign—email, social media, etc. They also have to define the campaign goal in the next step.

Setting the budget

Once the campaign goal is set and approved by the marketing team head, it then comes time to decide on the budget for running the entire campaign. Based on this, all the activities are then planned.

Determining the products and offers

The team decides on the theme of the campaign after budget approval. Once this gets approved, the products and discounts pertaining to the campaign are decided on.

Activities for the campaign

After calculating the expected costs, the team chooses from a list of campaign activities. Afterwards, they send it to the marketing head for approval. If approved, these activities are carried out as part of the campaign. Otherwise, the team reworks the activities list.

Scheduling the campaign

After the activities list is ready, the campaign is scheduled and run. The team then views the actual cost and revenue metrics, analyses the campaign performance, and updates the results.

Qntrl is flexible:

  • Set up multiple campaigns, like social media, email, and more, depending on the marketing strategy you drafted
  • Add approval tasks to the campaign workflow and then approve or reject it based on the budget, or send it for a rework, if the activities aren’t satisfactory.
  • Eliminate the need to send time-consuming emails. Automate welcome emails for new subscribers, give discount codes, and announce upcoming activities.
  • Trigger notifications, like tweets or SMSes, to your audience about any new content that goes live on your site by integrating with third-party apps using webhooks.
  • Track overall campaign performance, which steps/activities worked best and which didn’t, which step gathered maximum customer response and much more, using the easy-to-use report builder.

All marketing campaigns are not the same

— Choose one that best suits your organization —

Take a look at Qntrl

Orchestly is the world’s #1 Workflow Orchestration Software. See why

  • Centralization & Visibility
  • Process Compliance
  • Workflow-Centric Collaboration
  • Process Automation
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Extensibility
  • Enterprise Security
  • Centralization & Visibility

    Centralized requests, Unparalleled visibility

    Track all your marketing work by geographic location, product division, type of marketing activity, marketing channel, or any other key attribute that is important to your business. See in real time how you are allocating spend and activity, and get an up-to-date view in minutes.

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  • Process Compliance

    Ensure execution standards

    Track changes, record approvals, and provide timestamps so you can see what was approved and when. Ensure precise documentation of customer information, and customer-facing assets. Adhere to changing FTC and GDPR regulations, and protect brand integrity and customer trust.

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  • Workflow-Centric Collaboration

    Collaboration: when you need it, where you need it

    Work together with unified, relevant information throughout a process- target audience when working on the messaging, content calendar when scheduling tweets about your blog post, and such. Get things done faster by notifying all stakeholders through any other chat application.

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  • Process Automation

    Make repetitive manual work a thing of the past

    Automate approval chains, reviews, emails, and notifications. Pull customer information from CRM. Qntrl provides numerous ways to automate your process, including automated workflow steps, auto-assignment of tasks, sending notifications, and automatic document generation.

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  • Reports and Dashboards

    Improve Operational KPIs

    Access data on briefing iterations, the number of times work is rejected and re-submitted, approval times, and speed to market with robust, out-of-the-box reports. With complete access to historical KPI performance, review what worked and what didn't the last time.

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  • Process Mapping

    Orchestrate, Visually

    Build flexible and scalable business processes- public research activity, digital media campaigns, trademark registration, and such- tailored to meet the requirements of your business. Our workflow designer also includes advanced features like parallel transitions and common states.

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  • Process Extensibility

    Make Qntrl even more powerful

    Connect Qntrl with your existing marketing tools- BuzzSumo, Mailchimp, Demandbase, HubSpot CRM, and more- for seamless data flow. APIs, Client and Server Scripts are some of the options that will help you tailor Qntrl to your own needs.

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  • Enterprise Security

    Designed for Enterprise

    Get all the advantages of a cloud-based platform with the security you’d expect from an on-premises system. Field access privileges, data encryption, and role-based access controls keep your sensitive information safe. Audit capabilities help you figure out who-did-what-when.

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