Why Qntrl for performance reviews?


Get insights into employee performance, and find information like which employee was most productive throughout a review period. Identify skill gaps and curate training programs accordingly.


Ensure unbiased evaluations through assessment forms, and keep in check whether the process is completed on time for the appraisal cycle.


Automate multiple time-consuming tasks, such as informing employees of their scores, collecting self-evaluation forms, reminding managers about deadlines, sending updated salary information to Payroll, and more.


Every employee's performance records are maintained and retrievable in a few clicks. This makes it easier for managers to access employee records for promotion, transfer, or to provide references when offboarding.

Continuous improvement

Make changes to the review flow, add or modify questions, remove unnecessary steps, or include checks to improve the process and ensure every stakeholder fulfils their responsibilities.

Employee satisfaction

Standardized processes and better transparency remove grounds for bias, which boosts morale and improves satisfaction.

Sample performance evaluation process in a few steps

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Manager initiates the performance review process

The manager begins the review process and the employee is notified of the process initiation.

Employee submits a self-evaluation form

The employee is required to fill out a self-evaluation form. This could be a questionnaire or a data collection form, where the employee substantiates their performance with proof, such as appreciation emails or awards.

Manager evaluates employee's performance

The manager can use their own observational data and the employee's self-evaluation to finalize the performance review report.

Manager conducts a review meeting

The employee is given feedback on their performance and, once the manager uploads the report, the process is complete.

Qntrl is flexible

  • Create multiple performance review blueprints for different hierarchies.
  • Empower managers to tailor the evaluation form to fit the work nature of their respective departments.
  • Update performance metrics throughout the entire review cycle, to make it easier during the actual review.
  • Integrate with other HR tools to automatically send modified pay details to your payroll software.
  • Automatically trigger a performance improvement plan when an employee receives a low rating.
  • Transfer employee performance records easily when the manager changes or when the employee transfers departments.

All performance review processes are not necessarily the same

— Choose the one that best suits your organization —

Take a look at Qntrl

Qntrl is the world's #1 Workflow Orchestration Software. See why.

  • Centralization & Visibility
  • Process Compliance
  • Workflow-Centric Collaboration
  • Process Automation
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Extensibility
  • Enterprise Security
  • Centralization & Visibility

    Centralized requests, Unparalleled visibility

    Manage all tactical employee lifecycle processes- be it hiring, leave requests, or performance reviews- in one place, with easy access and trackability. Capture specific information, route it to the right staff, and provide timely follow-up to all stakeholders.

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  • Process Compliance

    Ensure execution standards

    Create organization-specific rules and define your business logic for earnings, deductions, leaves, attendance, bonus and arrears. Effectively address policy, statutory and regulatory requirements as and when they change.

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  • Workflow-Centric Collaboration

    Collaboration: when you need it, where you need it

    Access unified, relevant information throughout a process- school and college transcripts during employee background verification, manager review notes during performance appraisal, and such. Get things done faster by notifying all stakeholders through any chat application.

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  • Process Automation

    Make repetitive manual work a thing of the past

    Automate approvals and reviews, and notify candidates of their application status. Send generic requests to shared service center, and specific requests to specialists. Qntrl also provides many ways to automate your process, including automated workflow steps and PDF generation.

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  • Reports and Dashboards

    Improve Operational KPIs

    Analyse time to fill open requisitions, average absenteeism rate, application drop out rate, and other metrics to gain necessary insights to design effective strategies. You can use the report builder to generate your own reports. Plus, Automatic SLA reminders help you stay on track.

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  • Process Mapping

    Orchestrate, Visually

    Build flexible and scalable business processes- employee status change, applicant hiring and screening, employee training and development, and such- tailored to meet your requirements. Our workflow designer also includes advanced features like parallel transitions and common states.

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  • Process Extensibility

    Make Qntrl even more powerful

    Connect Qntrl with your existing HRIS and collaboration platforms- Oracle Peoplesoft, Workday, Microsoft Teams, and more- for seamless data flow. APIs, Client and Server Scripts are some of the options that will help you finish tailoring Qntrl to your own needs.

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  • Enterprise Security

    Designed for Enterprise

    Get all the advantages of a cloud-based platform with the security you’d expect from an on-premises system. Field access privileges, data encryption, and role-based access controls keep your sensitive information safe. Audit capabilities help you figure out who-did-what-when.

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