Why should you run your purchase processes with Qntrl?

  • Visibility

    Which person from which department requested what, and when? Get complete and real-time information on every purchase request, down to the last detail.

  • Control

    Set purchase limits and mandatory approvals for larger expenses, ensuring complete control over every dollar spent by every department. And make sure requests get processed on time by enforcing time limits.

  • Automation

    Reduce human work by automating wherever it’s required. Stay on top of your business units’ needs, while at the same time being responsive to vendors and keeping up with reporting and budgetary needs.

Benefits of using Qntrl


Keep your requestors up to date on the status of their purchase request, by making all the necessary information accessible in one place.


Save time and effort by minimizing paperwork and eliminating spreadsheets. Maintain a clear audit trail of every decision and transaction for all purchases.


Have checks and balances in place to prevent fraud, and ensure company policy requirements are followed while processing every purchase request.

A sample purchase process orchestration in 5 simple steps

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Submit a purchase requisition

You can decide what information is required when submitting a request, and you can also perform calculations or checks against back-end systems.

Route the purchase requisition

The request can be put on hold, approved, or rejected by performing automated calculations on the submitted information, based on rules like departments or amount. The request can also be assigned manually or via pick-up mode.

Get manual approval

The approver has at their disposal all the information relevant to the purchase requisition.

Forward order to supplier

The order is sent to the supplier and, after approval, you can still modify the budget in your accounting system or ERP.

Complete order and send for payment

The received items are inspected and, once that is complete, the request will be marked complete and sent to the payments department.

Qntrl is flexible enough to be customized to your needs, for example:

  • Verify in SAP that the request has enough budget left in the cost center, before creating the request.
  • Automatically approve purchase requests based on seniority and purchase value.
  • At the end of the purchase process, generate a printable/PDF version of the purchase order.
  • Modify the request form such that requesters can place requests for multiple items in the same purchase request.
  • Auto-route requests above a certain value to a higher approving authority to eliminate avoidable purchases.
  • Stay connected with, and export purchase information to, your financial and accounting software.

No two purchase request processes are the same

Choose the process that most closely resembles what you need, and then customize it so that it behaves exactly the way you need… or start from scratch to ensure every step is exactly how you want it:

You're already in charge, now get Qntrl.

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