An introduction to Qntrl Marketplace

What is Qntrl Marketplace?

Qntrl Marketplace is an online store with solutions for your business requirements while you work in Qntrl. This is the perfect platform to showcase your extension, increase adoption, and provide a better customer experience to orchestrate near-to-perfect business strategies.

Integrate extensions with Qntrl to orchestrate business activities more efficiently, break data silos, and optimize workflows. You can browse and discover extensions in Qntrl Marketplace, where your solutions are listed in our online store alongside our own Qntrl solutions, connecting you with businesses and organizations around the world.

Why list your extension on Qntrl Marketplace?

Our goal is to help you accelerate your business while we also provide Qntrl customers with the best solutions, that our partner ecosystem offers. Qntrl supports you throughout this journey - from onboarding to publishing the extension.

  • Expand your global footprint

  • Explore new markets and segments by accessing our global customer base

  • Build expertise in specific business functions, product areas, and industries

  • Learn how to market your app using our resources and generate sales opportunities through co-marketing

  • Connect with potential customers through your hosted extensions and grow your business

How do we set you up for success?

We empower you

Build and host extensions or integrations to cater to the needs of Qntrl users.

We equip you

Leverage our extension development platform - Qntrl Studio, to build your extension.

We work along with you

Offering a better user experience in our product. Our team will review your extension to ensure that it functions seamlessly.

What are the steps to list an extension in Qntrl Marketplace?

Become a partner

We welcome Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or System Integrators (SIs) to sign up to Qntrl Marketplace and create a company profile to start building their extension.
Sign up

Build and list your extension

Decide what extension you want to build and use our Qntrl Studio platform to create it. Submit your extension for review and list it in Qntrl Marketplace.
Start building