Build an extension

Expand the power and scope of workflow management and task completion with more ease by creating extensions in Qntrl Studio. You can use an extension to integrate Qntrl with third-party applications, or also add an additional functionality within Qntrl.

Extensions can either be public or private.

  • Private extensions: These extensions are built for internal purposes - be it personal work or teams or organizational purposes. Private extensions can be installed only by users with whom the extension is shared.

  • Public extensions: These extensions are available in Qntrl Marketplace for all Qntrl users to install and use.

Steps to build an extension

For a more detailed step-by-step approach, check the help documentation.

  1. Navigate to the Qntrl Studio in your web browser.

  2. Sign up to create a new account or log in using your Qntrl account.

  3. Enter the workspace name and click Create Workspace.

  4. Click New Extension to create your first extension.

    Customize the extension based on the additional scope you want to add. Once the extension is created, go ahead and publish it to make it available for installation.

Ways to access an extension

You can access an extension in two possible ways.

  • Install the extension from Qntrl Marketplace.

  • Purchase the extension from the vendor's website where the users will be able to pay for the purchase.