Submit extension to Qntrl Marketplace

Once the extension is built, tested and ready to be published, you can submit it to Qntrl Marketplace for review.

  1. Navigate to your profile at the top-right corner and select Partner Console.

  2. Click the Submit app button at the top-right of the partner console screen.

  3. Under Primary tab, few of the fields will be pre-filled. Fill the other fields:

    • Category : Choose a domain or industry under which the extension must be published.

    • Privacy policy of your app/extension : Enter the URL of your extension’s privacy policy document.

    • Does your app store any personal data? : Declare if your extension stores personal data of the user. If yes, list out the data that will be stored.

    • Terms of service document : Provide the extension’s terms of service document's URL.

    • Read and check the Marketplace vendor agreement and Marketplace GDPR policies to agree to them.

    • Click Next.

  4. Under Prerequisite, fill the following fields:

    • Supported edition : Select an edition from the dropdown.

    • Installation type : A predefined installation URL will be populated in this field.

    • Click Next.

  5. Under Imagery, fill the following fields:

    • Extensions icon : Upload an icon for the extension. This is used on the title display.

    • Thumbnail : Upload a thumbnail for the extension. This is used on the Marketplace listing of the extension.

    • Screenshots : Upload 1- 4 images explaining the features of the extension.

    • Click Next.

  6. Under Summary, fill the following fields:

    • Tagline : Enter a one-line short description for your extension.

    • Description : Describe briefly about the extension.

    • Key features : Provide a list of the key features of the extension.

    • User education : Enter the URL of the available help documents.

    • Help video : Enter the URL of the available help video.

    • Click Next.

  7. Under Pricing, fill the following fields:

    • Globally Available : Select Yes to make your extension visible under different domains.

    • Pricing : Select Free to allow users to install and use your extension without any monetary charge. Else, select Paid and enter the pricing type and plan details. Note that, once an extension is listed, changes in pricing can only be made after 30 business days.

    • Click Submit.

Once the extension is submitted, you will be able to view the status under the Apps section. The submitted app will go through stages of review. Once it successfully passes review, it will then be made available on Qntrl Marketplace. You can preview your app before it goes live and make necessary changes if any.

If our review team requires any clarification about your app, they will contact you via the Partner Console. You will reply and receive messages in the Inbox of Partner Console and add attachments if needed. Each attachment can be a maximum of 10 MB.

If you want to have a discussion with the admin of Qntrl Marketplace, click the Talk to Admin button in Inbox. Select the type of query, the app it is related to, and enter the message. An email conversation will be triggered.