Create a company profile

Your company profile provides the information about your business that appears in Qntrl Marketplace listing. The first step to building, publishing, and listing an extension is to sign up and create a company profile in Qntrl Marketplace. Learn how to create a company profile to use Qntrl Marketplace and make it beneficial for your business as well.

Why create a company profile?

  • Gain visibility as your company profile will be displayed on the listing page of your extension in Qntrl Marketplace.

  • Get access to news and updates about developer-focused events associated with Qntrl Marketplace.

  • Gain benefit as Qntrl filters extensions by vendors and identifies verified partners.

Steps to create a company profile

  1. Visit the Qntrl Marketplace home page and sign up.

  2. Click the Profile icon on the home page and choose Partner Console from the dropdown.

  3. Select Company profile on the left panel.

  4. Enter the necessary details in each tab.

  5. Click Next to navigate to the next tab.

  6. Click the Submit button once you have filled in all the details and agreed to the Marketplace vendor agreement.

  7. View your company profile and use the Edit option to make changes if necessary.

  8. To add details of the people involved in the creation of the application, navigate to the People tab inside the Company profile. Click Add new and enter their roles and email addresses. Click Invite.

The invited user can access the partner console with the link shared in the email invitation.

You can edit the person's details or delete, if necessary.