• Visibility

    Full visibility of your marketing goals, plans, progress, and performance

    Provide a shared environment for campaign planning, execution, and performance analysis.

    Get visibility over what your team is working on, what progress has been made, what's coming down the pipeline, and how it'll contribute to the overall brand or customer experience.

  • Control

    Control your workflow. Don't let it control you.

    Qntrl allows you precise control over the who, what, when, and how of every process under your care.

    Ensure alignment to strategic objectives and take control of enforcing global brand standards.

  • Automation

    Engage with customers at scale

    Leave all the details and repetitive tasks to Qntrl.

    We'll send follow-up emails, route marketing collateral for approval, do preprocessing checks, file claims for reimbursement, and do almost anything else you need, faster and easier, so you and your team can accomplish more.

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  • Centralization & Visibility
  • Process Compliance
  • Workflow-Centric Collaboration
  • Process Automation
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Integration
  • Enterprise Security
  • Centralization & Visibility

    Centralized requests, Unparalleled visibility

    Track all your marketing work by geographic location, product division, marketing channel, or any other important key attribute to your business. Get an up-to-date view in minutes.

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  • Process Compliance

    Ensure execution standards

    Track changes and record approvals. Ensure precise documentation of customer information. Adhere to changing FTC and GDPR regulations, and protect brand integrity and customer trust.

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  • Workflow-Centric Collaboration

    Collaboration: when you need it, where you need it

    Collaborate with unified, relevant information, involve target audience in messaging, and use content calendar for scheduling. Notify stakeholders via chat apps to boost productivity.

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  • Process Automation

    Make repetitive manual work a thing of the past

    Automate approval chains, reviews, emails, and notifications. Pull customer information from CRM. Automate–workflow steps, auto-assign tasks, and automatic document generation.

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  • Reports and Dashboards

    Improve Operational KPIs

    Access data on briefing iterations, the number of times work is rejected and re-submitted. With full access to historical KPI performance, review what worked and what didn't the last time.

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  • Process Mapping

    Orchestrate, Visually

    Build flexible and scalable business processes–tailored to meet your business needs. Our workflow designer also includes advanced features like parallel transitions and common states.

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  • Process Integration

    Make Qntrl even more powerful

    Integrate with your existing marketing tools- BuzzSumo, Mailchimp, Demandbase, HubSpot CRM, and more. APIs, Client, and Server Scripts help you tailor Qntrl to your own needs.

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  • Enterprise Security

    Designed for Enterprise

    Advantages of a cloud-based platform with unbeatable security. Data encryption and role-based access controls for your sensitive information. Audit capabilities to find out who-did-what-when.

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